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Across the globe, HIV rates are climbing among sex workers and people who use drugs. One of the main reasons is that they are criminalized. Too often sex workers and drug users are forced to choose between protecting their health and staying safe from police harassment or arrest.

But a novel approach to law enforcement is changing this, and may prove as critical to HIV prevention as a condom or clean needle. Through partnerships with HIV experts and community groups, police from Kenya to Kyrgyzstan are realizing their role in the fight against HIV.

Above, Daniel Wolfe, director of the Open Society International Harm Reduction Development Program, talks about how police are working to implement harm reduction approaches to HIV prevention with these vulnerable populations.

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Emma: Stepping Down As CO But Still A Proud Red UP Member!

Hello comrades, friends, and “radfems” stalking this tumblr,

There seemed to be a little bit of confusion about me, Emma Cat, stepping down as a community organizer at Red Umbrella Project so I just wanted to clear things up.

I am voluntarily stepping down, not being fired or pushed out. I am doing so because I want to pursue other work and because I want someone else to have the opportunity of holding this position. Being a Red UP community organizer, even with a large amount of prior experience, has been incredibly trans-formative for me and now I wish for someone else to be able to have similar growth from doing this work.

I am not leaving Red Umbrella Project. My involvement will depend greatly on my next job, but I plan to continue being involved as much as possible. This includes helping to write our study on the Human Trafficking Intervention Courts in Brooklyn and Queens.

The programs I currently lead or am the point person for will continue, including but not limited to Red UP’s involvement in the Access to Condoms Coalition, the observations of the Human Trafficking Intervention Courts, and the different workshops on advocacy and media we hold in NYC and elsewhere. We are still accepting applications for my position, which you can find out more about here.

Lastly, I would just like to thank everyone, from the folks who have only attended one workshop to the readers of this tumblr to the various different people in the sex trades who have opened up to me about their pain, resistance to oppression, and dreams. Y’all mean the world to me and I hope you know this isn’t goodbye, it is just a change in which we can celebrate the continued development of this amazing one-of-a-kind organization.

I will continue to accept phone calls or emails about Red Umbrella Project matters until July 24th, at which point all emails to my Red UP email will be redirected. For those who wish to seek me out for non-Red UP advice/consultation/work, please email

With love for all of you and all others who have shared this time with me,

Emma Caterine

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